When it comes to aircraft accidents, Jammer is one of the best professionals out there, as he's spent half of his life investigating them. So, when a plane disappears into thin air over the Colombian jungles, it's simply another accident to him - nothing more, nothing less. It's not that he doesn't care about the lives of the folks aboard: it's just that this is a job for him, one that requires the man to always deliver his A-game.

But, this time around, it's different, as his lovely daughter in on the list of passengers! She was flying to South America, and now he might've lost her forever. The devastated father drops everything and goes to Bogotá, pushing his way into the inquiry and praying that his little girl is safe and sound.

However, when they find the wreckage, it becomes crystal clear to everyone that no soul could survive a terrible crash like that. Still, Davis has a job to do, and so, he tries to stop the horrible thoughts in his head by focusing on figuring out the accident. He learns that before the plane went down, two of the pilots and one passenger were killed. Was it a case of hijacking?

This theory proves to be sustainable as the investigation picks out two passengers who were aboard the plane in the air but their remains are not on the crash site. Soon, Davis reveals the terrifying truth behind the crash: someone high up in the US government wanted this to happen! Passenger 19 is a brilliant action thriller with just the right plot twists and turns, an ever-suspenseful narrative and a rich cast of characters. It's safe to say that Ward Larsen wrote one of the best books in the genre.

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