When it comes to political thrillers, military blockbusters and valiant US agents that save the day and stop international terrorists from destroying the democratic pillars of planet Earth, Tom Clancy is THE guy to turn to. This man has more than enough best-sellers behind his back to be named one of the most commercially successful writers of our time.

As for his Jack Ryan series, the critics are calling it the master's best work. So, if you love the genre and Mr. Clancy's bright, lively, engaging and fast-paced style, then Patriot Games, the very first installment, is a must-have for you! The Ryans are under fire, and Jack has a target on his head. A group of crazy ultra-left fanatics was trying to abduct the royal family of Wales, but Jack managed to stop them, which automatically made him their #1 enemy.

He was just visiting London with his spouse and kiddo, but his exceptional Marine training allowed him to intercept the terrorists. One of CIA's finest is now being hunted by fierce and brutal Irish radicals, and the only way for him to save himself and protect his family is to hit the hunters back where it hurts. Once a soldier, always a soldier!

Patriot Games comes with a fast-paced, thrilling narrative, a fine cast of characters, and a neat political plot that is still very much relevant, despite the fact the book was written back in '87. Tom Clancy's trademark writing, sense of humor, fascination with the US top-secret operations and huge experience turn Patriot Games into a stand-out cut. If political thrillers are your favorite cup of tea, this bad-boy will make your day!

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