paws-and-effect-by-sofie-kellyPaws and Effect is a wonderful story about Kathleen, a witty librarian, and two magical cats from one of the most amazing writers of our time, Sofie Kelly. The girl is really excited to finally meet 3 old friends of her boyfriend, Marcus. They're visiting Mayville Heights for business, and that's a great opportunity to make some new friends. However, the pleasant meeting is cut short the moment one of Marcus's friends is murdered.

Furthermore, all the evidence is pointing towards him as the killer. Now, even though she doesn't know her boyfriend that well, Kathleen is absolutely sure that he's not guilty. Marcus is a Detective, but, given the fact that he's one of the prime suspects, he can't really investigate the case, and so, his only hope is Kathleen and her mysterious partners - they're the only ones who can exonerate him.

Someone is framing the Detective, and, if his girlfriend fails to find out who it is, she can kiss him goodbye. Paws and Effect is the latest novel in the Magical Cats series, and it's just as brisk, lively and gripping as ever. Sofie Kelly created a mighty thriller that's got a little bit of mystery in it to keep things exciting. For one, the cats are truly exciting, and, in a way, they are unique to this genre.

At the same time, even though there's enough suspense, Paws and Effect is more of a cozy, entertaining read than an action-packed story with tons of tension. The narrative is captivating, and, given the fact that the characters are simply adorable, the readers are in for a real treat! Those cats with magical powers are the cutest things ever, and the chemistry between them is off the charts!

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