people-of-the-book-by-geraldine-brooksGeraldine Brooks, an award-winning and critically-acclaimed writer, delivers a breath-taking novel about the chronology of an extremely rare book through countless decades and countries. It's 1996, and Miss Heath, a leading expert on rare books, is lucky enough to be offered the ultimate dream job: to analyze and conserve the legendary Haggadah, which miraculously survived countless wars.

It's both priceless and fascinating: this is one of the very first Jewish books that came with illuminated images. And when the expert, a workaholic and a big fan of ancient manuscripts, finds numerous little artifacts in the book, including magical crystals, white hair, and other strange things, she starts to slowly, but steadily understand what it's all about and figures out its mysteries. The book is tremendously detailed and Hanna tracks its path from creation to this very day.

Back in WW2, a Muslim man risked his own life to keep the book from the German oppressors. In Vienna, it became a powerful tool against the rising forces of the rebels. In Venice, back when inquisitions were in order, a priest saved the book and kept it hidden from the public eye. Yes, the book has been around for quite a while, and, for some reason, people were ready to give their lives just to protect it. And they weren't all Jews, which adds even more mystery to it.

Soon, the girl discovers that ultra-nationalists and the world's elite also have an interest in this ancient Jewish book. Hanna's own journey will put her through a rough test and make her question everything in her life. People of the Book is partially based on a real story, and Geraldine Brooks did a brilliant job of turning an ancient tale into a gripping, action-packed and suspenseful mystery thriller for the modern-day readers to enjoy.

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