Perfect-By-Rachel-JoyceThis is a mesmerizing, heart-wrenching novel about a boy who is forced to experience the dark, gloomy and challenging world of the grown-ups. Byron, the main character of Perfect, wakes up to what seemed like a routine morning at home: his sis was talking loud over the table, his mom was walkin' around the house and everything seemed exactly the same as yesterday.

However, when they leave home and drive through a mysterious fog, the ordinary morning turns into something entirely different. Byron has no idea what happened, but it most certainly did change the lives of all three of them. And, despite the fact that his mom is acting like nothing happened, the boy - an 11-year-old - is confident that there's no going back from this and that nothing will be the same as before anymore.

So, what really happened that fateful day, and whose fault was it? Over the next couple of weeks, the lad's perfect world slowly, but steadily turns into ruins. He can't trust his own parents anymore, so, he tells James, his best buddy, about it, and together they start working on a plan. Perfect is full of love, redemption, hard choices, big revelations and surprising relationships.

Rachel Joyce created a lot of international buzz with her debut, but this book will most certainly "beat" it in every category. The critics are already giving it the highest praise possible and calling it a must-have for the fans of thought-provoking, moving and elevating novels. Perfect is haunting, eccentric, compelling and exciting all at the same time. We don’t get masterpieces like this one very often, so, if you appreciate “diamonds in a rough”, make sure to check Joyce’s book out.

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