Perilious-Waif-By-E.-William-BrownAlice, the heroine of Perilous Waif, a brand-new blockbuster by the gifted E. William Brown, has always known that she's a bit different than the rest of the folks. Back when she was just a little girl, she loved climbin' up onto the house three during the nights and gaze at the myriads of starships that were docking at the stations in the sky. That's the world she was born into, the reality she knows.

And, she could see the ships that were 30K kilometers above her and "listen" to the radar pings - she thought that every kid out there could do that. Yes, there were other children with all kinds of "features" at the orphanage, but nobody could match her potential. Alice learned at a very young age that it's best to hide what you can really do, keep your mouth shut all the time and stay out of trouble.

Blending in has probably been the biggest challenge in her life, and even as a little girlie she knew better than to trust the eerie Matrons. There's no telling what the bastards would do if they found out that the "fixes" that were meant to turn her into a stupid little animal didn't affect her. So, the gifted child did everything in her power to stay calm and act like the rest of the kids.

Yet, one day, she slipped, and now she's on the run. The Matrons are coming after her, and facing their rage is the last thing she wants to do. She's on her own in open space, and all kinds of dangerous, hazardous and awful things are coming her way. Alice is strong, but she's still a kiddo. Monsters, hunters, pirates...oh, and let's not forget the yakuza! Perilous Waif is a fascinating space opera that combines action, fast-paced narrative, a great sense of humor and a lovely character to deliver a mighty bestseller.

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