Persuasion by Jane Austen

Persuasion by Jane AustinThis is a story about pure love, which does not rust when time is passing. Main characters of this last written Jane Austen's novel are former lovers, which meets each other after almost ten years of their forced separation. Their feelings are so strong, that very soon young man and woman became a married couple. The newly married couple feels the greatest happiness about their present and future plans. All their dreams became a reality because both characters are able not only to think deeply, but they can feel deeply too.

They are ready to sacrifice their ambitions, to forgive and forget past quarrels for the sake of true understanding. They do not have any pride or prejudice, but a lot of feelings and sensitivity. However, this applies only to the main two characters of the novel. Those who are guided by Persuasion, Austen has prepared a different fate. Their own self-interest leaves all selfish characters literally empty-handed. They always remember annoying mistakes of the past, and ridiculous errors in previous assessments. They develop their excessive narcissism and suffered because of that.

Some would say that the plot of Austen's last novel is too simple. But simple things are not always all bad. This work, written by Jane Austin is one of the most subtle, psychologically accurate and reliable novels in literary history: just as sentimental, but very sensual, not a bit sarcastic, but ironic and sarcastic, not wordy, but surprisingly poetic. Reading this prose is like reading poetry: it elevates, makes you better and allows you to believe in the infinite beauty of the world and people's innate nobility.

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