Peter Pan by James Barrie

Jemes-Barrie-Peter-PanMillions of people know about Peter Pan. Many know him from a beautiful animated film from Disney pictures. In that movie, Peter Pan sizes Wendy Darling and brings her with two little brothers to an amazing adventure. There a lot of breathtaking events, island with fairies, funny Indians, evil pirates and magic. This picture of a boy who never grows up stays in our hearts, even many of us are adults now. Why do millions remember this Peter Pen? Because the being young is really cool and nobody wants to grow up.

The Disney's version of the James Barrie fairy tale is gorgeous. Their main character can fly, there a lot of pixie dust and magic, mermaids and of course – the Neverland. It’s a magnificent tale and Peter Pan remains to be one of my favorite Disney movies (not my favorite, but in the top). And it is not only the story about the magic boy, who can fly.

It is also the story of a Wendy. She is young and pretty, she must grow up and stop daydreaming. It is very tough for Wendy to forget about all adventures of her childhood. She must became young ladies and start doing all things they should. When Peter’s shadow sneaks into the Wendy's house, the girl helps Peter Pan to retrieve it. So younglings go on a very difficult journey. They are trying to reach a Neverland.

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