Emily and Lizzie, two little kids, are constantly being terrorized by their own mom who locks them up in the house and goes missing for days only to come back drunk and angry. Thankfully, a family finds and saves the girls from this nightmare, hoping to give them a chance at a normal life. But, even pure, unconditional love is not always capable of erasing the horrors from the past.

Lizzie comes to in a hospital with her body strapped to the bed. She' can't move or speak, and the only thing on her mind is Emily's dead body in the bathroom. A couple of days ago, everything was going great: she was in love and getting ready to make the most out of her time in college. But now she's held against her will in an institution filled with crazy men and women who talk to themselves and pull their hair out.

Slowly, she starts to remember every single detail about the girl's tragic death and discovers blood-chilling memories that have been locked in her mind for years. The past comes back to haunt her, and time is running out, which means she'll have to get a grip on herself and sort through all the terrifying memories in order to make sense of it all and free herself from the heavy burden.

She can't trust anyone, and the only person that she can rely on is herself...Phantom Limb is a page-turning mystery thriller that you will devour in one single set. It's insanely gripping, engrossing and riveting, and the shocking finale will linger on longer after you finish Lucinda Berry's masterpiece. The critics are already calling Phantom Limb one of the best books of the year; so, make sure to check it out!

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