pirate-by-clive-cusslerClive Cussler, a bestselling author, is back on his A-game with Pirate, yet another riveting story about the amazing Sam and Remi - a mighty couple who's about to get themselves into the toughest challenge in their entire "career". Will they be able to prevail, or is it maybe the end of their journey? It all starts with a nice, relaxing vacation. Next, The Fargos visit an "ancient" bookstore to do some research, but, when they come across a dead person, it becomes clear that what they're holding is an authentic, accurate map, a guide to a centuries-old fortune.

So, in order to pull this next crazy adventure off, they'll have to fly from Cali to Arizona, Jamaica, and the UK. A crazy corporate raider is constantly on their trail, so, they'll have to outrace him and find this treasure before he does. However, the power couple is constantly being pulled back by numerous betrayals. Nothing like that has ever happened before, which means they're got a mole on their team, and they can't really trust anybody but themselves.

Sam and Remi have always been 100% honest with each other, and this kind of trust is probably the only thing that will give them a chance in this vicious race for one of the greatest treasures mankind has ever seen. Pirate is a brilliant novel in the genre of action & adventure. It comes with a fast-paced, action-charged narrative, great chemistry between the couple of treasure hunters, amazing jokes, and an awesome atmosphere of a treasure hunt that only Clive Cussler knows how to create.

The bottom line is - if you're a fan of exciting, blood-chilling adventure novels, then you probably love the Sam and Remi series. And Pirate is just the perfect new chapter, so, dig in and dive in!

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