Harlan Coben is, without a doubt, a prominent figure in modern-day literature. When it comes to mystery thrillers, he's one of the best writers of our time, period. Laura, a top-notch supermodel, and Dave, a legendary player, had the wedding of the year, if not the decade. The paparazzi created a huge buzz around it, but, unfortunately, tragedy followed soon.

The couple was enjoying their honeymoon in Australia, everything was going great. Yet, when the man went out for a nice swim, he disappeared into thin air and never returned. Laura is a widow now, and, even though the grief is almost unbearable, she still tries to keep herself from breaking down and starts her own investigation. There are millions of questions and no answers whatsoever.

The girl's loving heart and dedication take her into a huge web of heinous lies, secrets, betrayals and everything else in between. The roots of it all go back 3 decades, and if she wants to get to the bottom of it all, Laura will have to watch her back, because there are some dangerous people out there who don't really want the truth to come out.

Will the girl manage to outsmart, outmaneuver and outrun them and reveal the truth to the world? Or will she follow her late husband's fate? Harlan Coben created a 100% page-turner, dear readers, an exceptional novel that is equally gripping, exciting, suspenseful, and comes with a couple of twists that you'll never see coming. If this is your favorite genre, Play Dead will be a great pick for you this year. The critics are claiming that Coben could've done a better job with this one and it's lacking momentum. Now, even if that was true, this book is still one of the best releases in the genre!

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