Please-Boss-By-Juliana-ConnersCameron has it all: he's stupid rich and is used to always getting what he wants - with no exceptions. He's got a yacht, a helicopter and even a gorgeous plane with all the sexiest women on planet Earth. The guy's a 100% alpha-male, a bad-boy, and his only rule is to never mix work with pleasure, because it usually leads to colossal disasters. Other than that, he's an all-out "criminal", living life to the fullest.

Ere long, he gets an ardent young secretary to help him out with the biz. Her name is Ruby, and at first, Cameron thinks of her as an "innocent" office fling. But, he loves sticking to that one rule, so, she's off limits. At the same time, he can't stop thinking about her and shake the thought of having her in his arms, begging for more. Yes, that's right - he wants this girl like no other woman ever before.

She turns him on the second she walks into the room, and, despite the fact that he's pretty much twice older than her, Cam still wants to make her his woman. And, he can tell that Ruby has the hots for him as well - she's just too shy to say it. The girl has no experience in "love affairs", and her boss could very well be the first man in her life.

So, that's why Cameron wants to tame her - it's a challenge with a great reward at the end. One more thing: even though she's a young girl, Ruby is not a bimbo - she's intelligent, witty and has a couple of dark skeletons in her closet, which means she will be an even greater "bed mate". But when secrets from the past collide with the present, something terrible usually happens...If you've been looking for a smutty, sizzling hot and sexy dark and dirty office romance, Please Boss will be a perfect pick for you.

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