B. B. Hamel is a naughty girl, and she likes to write about confident, sexy, passionate, and, of course, dirty ladies who take the international sales charts by storm. Possessive Daddy is her latest gem, and, judging by the happy reviews, we've got yet another must-have for the fans of the genre! Connor is a big, bulky, good-looking fella who got himself into a "business marriage" because it's a win-win both for him and his fake wife.

It's a common thing these days - marrying each other for the biz to benefit. But, Connor has another hidden agenda, and that's Sydney, Julia's daughter. At first, he didn't even want anything to do with her mom, but, as soon as he laid eyes on the girl, he knew that he had to have her. And what better way to do that than to live under the same roof with her, right?

Being a pretend hubby isn't much of a fun choice, but the stepdaughter is simply too hot to resist. Yes, he does know that it's a very bad idea to get involved with a minx like that, and it's best to keep his big, manly hands off of her, as messing around with her could destroy everything he holds dear to heart - he could even end up in prison.

He's 20 years older than the sweet little thing, but when she's walking around the house half-naked like it's a regular thing, all he can think about is taking her upstairs and making her scream his name. Oh, and Connor is confident she wants him too: those looks she gives him, all those tiny teases - it's there, he knows. The tension keeps rising, and all that's left for the stepdaddy to do is sneak into the babe's room when it's dark outside and show her how much he cares...

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