pre-suasion-by-robert-cialdini-ph-dRobert Cialdini is an iconic figure in modern-day social psychology, and he's been educating business folks around the globe with his fine line-up of bestsellers for years. And now, he's back with Pre-Suasion - a ground-breaking book about the art of persuasion. The author claims that the key is not the message itself, but rather the defining moment before you deliver it. Do you know what's the difference between solid communicators and game-changing persuaders?

Cialdini knows the answer! He spent countless hours studying the market and used most of his mighty scientific research that were the cornerstone of Influence, his greatest book to date, to understand that timing is the most important thing. You'll need to master it if you wanna be an exceptional "deliverer". Your goal is to find the perfect moment when people are most receptive to whatever it is in your message, to make them ready for what you're about to say.

Top-notch persuasion is only possible if you know how to use the power of pre-suasion. Here's the concept in plain and simple English: to change the hearts and minds of business people you must change their states of mind first. That's pretty much the whole philosophy behind Pre-Suasion, and the greatest thing about it - this system really works!

It's safe to say that you won't get the same level of professional expertise anywhere else, and that makes Pre-Suasion a truly unique, one-of-a-kind experience. Robert Cialdini explains all the necessary techniques required in this new world of business. You don't need a bunch of complex books to understand the art of persuasion - just grab a copy of Pre-Suasion and start striking awesome deals!

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