precious-and-grace-by-alexander-mccall-smithPrecious and Grace are the dynamic duo, the awesome main characters of the bestselling franchise by Mr. Alexander McCall Smith, the world-famous No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency series. And this time around, the ladies are helping a young woman to search for and find a person from her past. There's a lot going on at the Agency's office, including the big plans of making it look and feel more technologically advanced.

But when a woman from Canada comes knocking on their door and hires them for a job, all that nonsense immediately gets set aside. The woman tells the ladies that most of her childhood years were spent in Botswana, and she wants them to help her remember life-defining moments of her life over there. She only has an old photograph in her hands, but that's more than enough for the Agency's finest to work their magic.

The detectives put their top-notch investigative skills to good use, and pretty soon they find the approximate location of the house that the client lived in her early years. But, they still need to find the person that took care of her when she was just a baby. So, they set out on a journey, but soon it takes an unexpected turn, and they start to wonder whether they did the right thing of accepting the job or if they would be better off hanging out at the office.

Precious and Grace is a near-perfect mystery thriller that continues on the fine tradition of the commercially successful series by Alexander Smith, and that means you can expect the same amount of charm, suspense, and amusement. The book is entertaining, comes with a good sense of humor and a gripping plot.

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