Precious-Gifts-By-Danielle-SteelA young, rich French woman falls in love with a charming, good-looking widow named Paul - a man of her dreams. This is his second marriage, and now he's the dad of 3 girls and a son who's bringing him trouble all the time. However, despite the fact that he is a handsome man, he cannot make himself stay and do the right thing - raise his kids with his new wife - and leaves the family, unable to take care of his responsibilities as a father and choosing a life of a free, unburdened man. The girls grow up without really knowing their father, and the lack of his presence makes them self-reliant, strong and fierce.

The 3 sisters stick with each other and are the most important people in each other’s lives. They do still love their father, but the fact that he was gone when they were young left a certain kind of uncertainty in their own relationships with men. As for the man's son, without a strong male presence in the house to guide him and to educate him on the right and the wrong, he can't seem to break the circle of constant failures and starts to envy his own sisters.

Paul, the father of the kids, passes away one day, and all of his relatives gather together to read the will. And that's when the girls find out about this new side of their dad - that of a caring person who's trying to say that he's sorry and accepts his mistakes. He split his wealth between the 4 children, and every single one of them got everything they need to follow their dreams and be happy.

But, his ex-wife gets the biggest surprise - a big secret from the past that will change her life forever. She has to start a search in order to figure out what it is exactly that her late husband wanted her to find.

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