Presto!-By-Penn-JilletteHow I Made Over 100 Pounds Disappear and Other Magical Tales is a charming story about a man who dropped a lot of weight and changed his life for the better. Yes, it's an unusual book, and Penn Jillette is a pretty extraordinary person. But his amazing sense of humor, hilarious writing manner and brutal-but-true comments on everything that's going on with society right now only make Presto! a one-of-a-kind book. Its biggest selling point is honesty, along with the author's relentless race to achieve his goal.

In case you didn't know, Penn Jillette is a world-esteemed magician, and he was about to turn 60-years-old when he decided to embark on a crazy, yet super rewarding journey towards a fit, healthy body. At the time, he weighed 330 pounds (!) and had to constantly deal with a dangerous blood pressure level of 200. The man was living in the real world and knew that he was putting his own life at risk, and, if he really wanted to "hang around" for a bit longer and be there for his kids, he simply had to make some changes happen - fast.

That's when Ray Cronise came along - a man who used to work in NASA and introduced Penn to his unusual potato diet. If you are skeptical about the whole transformation thing, you should know that the author felt the exact same way at first, but, eventually, his crazy plan worked! He did manage to change his life and become a healthier, better man.

Jillette describes his journey in amazing details and talks about all the things that he was doing while trying to keep up with the crazy diet. One could say that a story about a man losing weight can never be exciting, but the magician created a super-entertaining book that's like a challenge for all the other poorly written stuff in the genre.

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