priceless-by-winter-renshawThe flight got canceled, and 2 stranded travelers decided to spend as much as 3000 miles together in a tiny car. And it took them 4 days until the real truth came out. Winter Renshaw returns with a brand-new romantic novel that will turn you on and get you excited in a matter of seconds. Priceless is a thrilling, engrossing erotic story about a regular young woman who decided to embark on a scary-yet-rewarding adventure with a man she barely knew.

Yes, Daphne drove across the whole country with a stranger by her side. So, what did she do next? That's right - she fell in love with Chris, the handsome man who genuinely finds her attractive and special. But, she's had her heart broken once or twice, and that means she's not ready to jump into a new fling this very second. Besides, he's got his fair share of secrets that he doesn't want to share with anybody.

But she uncovers them all, and that's most definitely the most challenging thing she's ever done. She learned the shocking truth, and it puts their relationship in danger. Will they be able to overcome all the struggles and be together, or will the secrets bury their love for each other? Winter Renshaw wrote a captivating, dark and twisty novel that's got all it takes to become the next international bestseller.

She knows exactly how to appeal to the ladies and does a terrific job of always delivering breath-taking and heart-warming stories. As far as romantic novels go, Priceless is one of the greatest books of the year - no doubt about that. This is a must-read, and you won't be able to put it down. It's got amazing characters, an awesome story and that magical atmosphere that turns a regular book into a truly great one.

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