Partricia Lockwood’s brilliant memoir, Priestdaddy, is a hilarious coming-of-age story that traces her childhood and adolescence living in a rectory under the watchful eyes of her odd father in a rather unconventional American family. Her father, Greg Lockwood, loves action movies, playing guitar, and listening to Rush Limbaugh – and despite being married with five children, he is also an ordained Catholic priest.

Lockwood creatively accounts her experiences from an ill-fated family hunting trip and putting pro-life stickers on the family car’s bumper to her involvement in a cult-like youth group God’s Gang. She details her relationship-mending eight-month stay at a room in the rectory after she moved back with her husband when they encountered an unexpected crisis that left them penniless. Lockwood explores issues of faith, belongingness, and family tradition in an honest, raunchy, and thought-provoking narrative that is both entertaining and mind-blowing.

Priestdaddy is a stylishly comic portrait of an irreverent poet raised in a deeply religious background and her journey towards finding balance between her past and her hard-won identity.

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