Prime-Minister-By-Ainsley-BoothAinsley Booth is known for delivering a very special kind of naughty, kinky and all-out sexy stories about handsome men and gorgeous women. Gavin is the Prime Minister, a 100% alpha male with a perfect career and a taste for dashing young women. Ellie is the intern, and they're about to start a fling that feels right but could potentially cost them everything. Miss Montague is a smart, kind and insanely beautiful girl that Gavin simply can't stop looking at.

Yep, she's an intern in his office, but so what? Can't the PM of Canada have a little fun at work? After all, he does have a stressful job and needs to blow off some steam from time to time. Whenever she calls him sir, he gets this insane urge to rip her clothes off and show her who the boss is. But, they can't mess around, and, as long as she's working for him, they're going to keep it all professional and stay out of trouble.

However, they both know that it's gonna be almost impossible to stay away from each other. Maybe it would be a good idea for Ellie to quit her job and find her happiness somewhere else? Gavin is a perfectionist, a workaholic, and a control freak, and he demands his team to be just as great. Well, that's exactly how the PM should be.

Yet, there's something about him that makes the girl melt, and she's dreaming that he'll crash the barriers between them and take her for a ride after a hard day at work. She won't tell anybody about his kinky desires. Or will she? Prime Minister is a full-length, standalone erotic romance with tons of BDSM "activities". If you’re a fan of dark, twisted and highly addictive “Bad-boy vs. a gorgeous girl” stories, this one is the right pick for you.

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