Primitive Skills and Crafts: An Outdoorsman's Guide to Shelters, Tools, Weapons, Tracking, Survival, and More

Primitive-Skills-and-Crafts-An-Outdoorsmans-Guide-to-Shelters-Tools-Weapons-Tracking-Survival-and-MoreAnyone eager to master survival skills for outdoor vacations, or simply to find a fun new family activity for a Saturday afternoon, will be educated and inspired by the practical advice presented here by archaeologists, anthropologists, primitive practitioners, craftsmen, and artisans.

These experts help modern readers rediscover the skills that have served humanity for millennia: fire-making, camp cooking, basket weaving, pottery making, animal tracking, and much more. You can even learn how to turn seashells into arrowheads or make glue from yucca plants. Plus, there’s intriguing information on the benefits of a hunter-gatherer diet. More than just a how-to, this handbook provides inspiration to live life to the fullest.

This is a book of collected articles previously published as "Woodsmoke, Collected Writings on Ancient Living Skills" (Menasha Ridge Press 1994). No revisions, but then the articles were good then anyway. This book is the second in which the fire piston is covered (the first that I am aware of came out in 1972). Beside the philosophy (waxing poetic) of the Jamisons and a poor bit on tracking, the book offers the reader some well laid out "how-to" information from the likes of Steve Watts, David Wescott, Jim Riggs and Larry Dean Olson. Atlatl, Pottery, blowguns, Hide Glue, stone tools and bark baskets are some of the topics introduced in this book. If you are interested in the primitive skills, this book is worth getting.

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