At a first glance of the title, it is obvious that the Williamsons and the author of this book, Lawrence Perry, share a penchant in writing about men posing as chauffeurs. But the comparison ends there, Prince or Chauffeur? is an entirely different tale with its own interesting twists.

The story takes place at Newport, an affluent neighborhood of the fabulously rich people and home to the naval base station. Anne Wellington, the heroine of the story, is a resident of the area while the hero, Jack Armitage, is a Lieutenant stationed in the naval base working to invent a new kind of torpedo. Anne and Jack are attracted to each other immediately. However, not everything goes smoothly because of another piece in the budding love triangle – Prince Koltsoff, a sneaky lynchpin of the spy plot.

A concoction of an attractive young lady, a missing part of a torpedo, some romance and whole lot of disguises helps create an entertaining narrative that effectively unravels any mystery there might have been at the end.

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