Nikolai is a modern-day Prince with all the perks of being a rich young bloke: he's constantly partying, hanging around with the most beautiful women and is about to become the king of his country. The man is big, bulky, ripped, has a bad-boy smirk and comes with that playboy attitude that all the girls fall for.

Jenna is a reporter and accepts an assignment to visit North Molvania and dig as much dirt on the Prince and his "royal ways" as she can. The girl is all about taking huge risking and diving into the action, and she can take care of herself. But the guards capture her (she was passing into the country illegally) and condemn her to two decades of hard work. Thankfully, Nikolai finds her too sexy for exhausting labor and saves the day.

He's nothing like that magical knight in a shining armor and golden boys are not really Jenna's type, but he did save her from a complete disaster, and now he wants something in return. What could an insanely wealthy and popular Prince want from a regular reporter? It's most definitely not money, fame, or that royal treatment. He wants her body - plain and simple - and when Nikolai wants something, he usually gets it.

The chemistry between the sassy from the US and the Molvanian ruler is all-consuming, and all it took for the girl to fall for him was a single kiss. Yes, he is a cocky prick and an arrogant asshole, but that still doesn't change the fact that he rescued her from a nightmare and looks like a demi-god. Jenna is a prisoner is Nikolai's prison, and it's the biggest turn on in her entire life...Prince's Secret Baby comes with a thrilling plot, a gripping narrative and some of the hottest sex scenes of the year!

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