private-paris-by-james-pattersonThe Private series by one of the bestselling writers in American history, Mr. James Patterson, is always action-packed, fast-paced and wildly exciting. If you're looking for that thrill and suspense to enjoy on a rainy day, this is the place to get it. In Private Paris Jack, the main character of the book is on a trip to France, and he's really hoping to enjoy the amazing food, the weather, to go sightseeing and to have a great time.

He decides to say hello to the Paris office, though, as a nice gesture and be well on his way. However, he doesn't get to relax and have some time to himself, as Mr. Wilkerson, his client, asks him to stop whatever he's doing and get back out there. The man's granddaughter is currently on the run from a ruthless dealer, and Jack is the only one who can find her in time and protect her.

But even before the investigator manages to find a trace of the girl, something horrifying happens - multiple members of the country's cultural elite get murdered in the most violent and symbolic fashion. And the only thing that connects these crimes is a strange graffiti tag that Jack finds. Religious tensions shake the city up, and Jack and his mighty team are the only ones who can figure this mess out, save the girl and uncover the truth about the killings before another terrifying attack happens.

Private Paris is yet another masterpiece from James Patterson, the king of contemporary mystery thrillers. If you're a fan of the man's work, you'll most definitely appreciate his latest novel, as it's got the regular Patterson "ingredients": a brilliant writing style, suspenseful storytelling and a couple of shocking twists.

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