promise-me-by-vivian-woodHunter, the main character of Promise Me, a brand-new bestseller for the ladies, is a rough-tough Navy fella who's not afraid to engage the enemy is the fiercest combat, yet he never forgets that he simply would never have survived without her, the one and only girl in his life. Her name is Violet, and she's the closest thing to perfection.

He made her a promise ages ago, and she didn't think that he meant it seriously, but he never stopped loving her and thinking about her. He never will. Four years ago, Hunter wasn't the man he is today, and he ended what they had together, thinking that he wasn't good enough for Violet. He was convinced that no young girl should have to wait for a guy to return from a war he might never come back from. It's simply not fair to her.

Still, he couldn't forget her, and all those days and nights in the Army, fighting for his life, he always kept her in his heart and that's what helped him survive all the horrors of war. So, now he's finally back, and he sees her in pretty much every corner. Violet grew up into a gorgeous young woman with a body to die for, but she doesn't seem to be happy to see him and pushes him away every time.

Hunter was her first man, and he wants to be her last - no exceptions. The only thing that he needs right now is for her to give him a chance and to believe in their love once again. Will Violet be able to forgive him and give Hunter a second chance? Or is it too late for them? Promise Me is a modern-day romantic story with a bit of naughty in it to spice things up for the ladies. It's a page-turner and a 100% bestseller, and you can read it in one go.

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