If you love romantic/dramatic family sagas, then you most definitely love Debbie Macomber's books. She is, without a doubt, a legendary writer, and her stories always manage to touch people of all ages and nationalities. Promise Me Forever is a mesmerizing story about healing, redemption, hope, the strength of the human heart and the all-conquering power of love.

Joy, a renowned physical therapist, is a strict professional when it comes to dealing with her patients. She's tough, that's true, but she's also caring and wants only the best for them. Getting the men and women back to normal is the only thing she thinks about. However, when she comes across Sloan, it seems like she's found a worthy opponent. This man is angry, resentful, not ready to cling to life and pretty much happy to give up and break down.

Still, Joy has never let anybody quit without a proper fight. Besides, this fella is gifted and noble, and losing him would be a shame, especially given the fact that she's fallen in love with him somewhere between fighting and nurturing. Sloan didn't even want to think about the endless possibilities that life has to offer, but, thankfully, this woman helped him look at his situation from a different point of view.

Joy wants to fix him, because, as it soon turns out, she's also broken inside. So now all he wants is to show the lovely therapist that there's nothing wrong with her as long as she finds the strength to say goodbye to the hurtful memories and make new ones with him. Promise Me Forever will make you cry tears of joy and wrench your heart like no other romantic novel out there. Macomber sure does know how to write exceptional stories!

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