property-of-a-noblewoman-by-danielle-steelDanielle Steel is one of those magnificent writers that always deliver heart-warming, touching and uplifting women's fiction to enjoy on a cold winter night. And this is one of her finest books to date. It's a novel about a woman's legacy and how it changes the lives and minds long after she's passed away.

Her legacy went through devotion, horrors, and war, and it includes decades-old photos of a happy couple in post-WW2 Europe, faded letters and a huge collection of gorgeous jewelry and stones. The deposit box with all those treasures is located in a bank in NY, and nobody's coming to claim it. Therefore, they are being auctioned. But nobody really knows who was the lady with such tremendous riches and no will.

2 people start their own "investigations", and fate brings them together. Jane is a clerk, and Phil is an expert on art. They are not some fortune hunters or anything like that - no, they're just doing their jobs, and that's how the two end up in the same bank, ready to explore the box. However, soon, this quest becomes personal, and their journey takes them from NY to London and to numerous European cities.

They discover that the woman's name was Marguerite, and she was just an 18-year-old girl who left the US with a heavy heart. She managed to build a new family in Europe, but her past kept torturing her. Jane and Phil reveal her story, and that draws more folks into this mystery-of-a-case. Property of a Noblewoman is a gripping, captivating romantic novel with just the right amount of mystery, suspense, and adventure to keep the readers entertained.

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