Philip Kerr, a best-selling and critically acclaimed writer, is back with a brand-new novel in the game-changing Bernie Gunther series. Welcome to the French Riviera: it's 1956, and the stakes are getting higher and higher. Mielke, a decorated German deputy, is "enjoying his time" in Nice. He's not on a vacation or anything like that and the sole reason for his visit to France is to meet Gunther and call in a debt.

He wants the man to poison an agent - a woman - that they both know from the past. Soon, Korsch joins the effort, and now Bernie is under even more pressure to get the job done. So, he moves towards the border, traveling mostly by night and sleeping during the day. While on his way, he starts to recall the last mission he was on with Korsch.

It was back in '39, and the two were working on the case of a low-level rich man's murder. They were hand-picked to solve the mystery and had only one week to crack it. Bernie was the best they had at the office, and that is exactly why he was assigned with that task. Now, the bureaucrat was killed in Obersalzberg, right on Hitler's doorstep, and that is why the dynamic duo had to work their magic and solve the case; otherwise, if Hitler was to learn about the incompetency of his guards, nobody would be safe.

It was 17 years ago, and now, in '56, Bernie is expected to do something equally daring and dangerous. Did that case have something to do with his current mission? And what if the ghosts from the past are coming to haunt him? Prussian Blue is a brilliantly-written, suspenseful, thrilling and action-charged bestseller from one of the greatest storytellers of our time.

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