Ladies and gentlemen, please give a warm welcome to Lance, an NHL superstar, one of the greatest players on that icy field. The fans love him for being the best defenseman out there, and the ladies adore him for being a modern-day bad-boy with abs to die for, tons of charisma and ever-full pockets. He's known for his wild parties and scandals and constantly ends up right in the center of the paparazzi lenses.

And, as far as the players with the most penalty time in the league go, he's the leading bloke. That's just who he is: Lance gets into fights, beats others, gets beaten by them, takes the hits and keeps on going until the victorious end. He's a playa, bred and born, and he's always going for the top prize, both on and off the field. And all the girls in the world, including the college students, the soccer moms and everybody else in between want to end up in his warm bed.

It's not that the guy likes to be a notorious bad-ass or that he loves seeing his mug in the tabloids - he was just born that way! Oh, and this man does have his fair share of secrets, and one time he shared them with the wrong girlie and she didn't even hesitate to use 'em all against the playa. She still does it to this very day, but, instead of kicking her out of his life and giving her a nice "walloping", he keeps going back to her, because she's exactly the kind of a woman that he needs.

Does she make his life a living hell? Yes, she does! But she also turns it into heaven. But when someone from Lance's past comes back into his present, everything changes...Pucked Off is not just a sexy bad-boy novel. It's also quite touching, sweet, and simply unforgettable. And, it's breath-taking, blood-rushing and pretty funny.

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