Punished-By-Penelope-BloomEmmaline has a big secret: no man could ever turn her on, let alone satisfy her in bed. They always try, but, for some reason, she doesn't feel anything. Until she meets him - Logan, Mr. Perfect. He's a billionaire, a self-made man that single-handedly created an empire. The bloke has everything that money can buy - including gorgeous women.

On top of all that, he's also an unbelievably handsome man, so, that's a double win for Emma. One more thing: he really enjoys BDSM, and that's probably the biggest turn-on for the girl. He claims that she can trust him, confide in him and open up to him 100%. Logan says that he'll take care of her and keep her from harm's way. And she does want to believe him, but can she, though? That's the only thing that she truly wants - to surrender to this alpha-male, to submit to him and to scream his name.

Emmaline wants to let Mr. Steel have her - in all the way imaginable. However, it's not really that simple. Nothing ever is with him and her. Logan's ex is doing everything in her power to turn his life into a disaster and keeps blackmailing him. Emma is runnin' her own biz, but she's in debt, and her inheritance is pretty much the only thing that will help her clean the slate.

They both got problems, so, what will happen when their worlds collide? Will they be able to "level the field" and help each other prevail, or is their relationship going to ruin them both? Punished is a stand-alone erotic novel with tons of that BDSM awesomeness and a happy ending. Penelope Bloom knows how to touch the deepest, darkest strings of the soul, and Logan is the perfect fantasy man for all the naughty ladies in the world.

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