Purity-By-Jonathan-FranzenJonathan Franzen delivered a masterpiece with Freedom, a bestseller, and now he's ready to get back on the pedestal with Purity, a novel about the most important things in life - love, faith, happiness. The main character of the story, Pip Tyler, doesn't really know the first thing about who she is. All she knows is she's burdened with a ridiculous student debt of 130K, her "official" name is Purity and that she doesn't get along well with her own mom, the only family she's got. That's about it. Pip doesn't know the first thing about her dad - who is he and why did he leave her?

As for her mother, she's got a lot of secrets of her own, and the girl can't figure out why she picked up a different name for her and decided it was good for her to live as a recluse. Pip is 23-years-old and works at a call center, trying to pay off that monstrous loan she owes. All these secrets are bothering Purity and she can't seem to forget about them and move on. She has to figure it all out before she can finally turn the page.

So, she embarks on a dangerous and thrilling journey to discover the darkest secrets of the world, hoping to find all the answers she's looking for. Bolivia, Berlin, a centuries-old war of the sexes, conspiracies - this book has it all! Purity is an amazing novel about an honest young girl with ideals and principles who puts her own life at risk trying to dig out the truth.

Jonathan Franzen is considered to be one of the greatest writers of our time, and Purity is a must-have for the fans of the genre. It would be a perfect gift to a teenager who loves exceptional stories about the real life that come with a fair share of mystery to make it all interesting. It's complex, mature, but still a super-gripping read.

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