Pygmalion by Bernard Shaw

Bernard-Shaw-PygmalionCan you make a lady from a girl of the lower class on the basis of language? This question will be answered by the results of a social experiment of Professor Higgins and Colonel Pickering. They are linguists. The object of their interest is in a flower girl Eliza Doolittle. Higgins bets that he can make a countess in a very short time, and by a qualified language instruction only. Lessons start very soon after betting. But there is one unpredictable problem appears. Eliza does have her own mind and does not adopt all language transfers blindly. While Higgins and Pickering have only their bet in mind, the girl tries to think about her future and possibilities she will have very soon.

Bernard Shaw raises several problems with his novel. The main of them how important the language of the company is? By Higgins, you can speak only in the limits of your words. Who knows how to express by language – all those people can move in higher social classes. All the others have no chance to break out from the lower classes.

But the Eliza Doolittle has an entirely different problem. And it is not her vocabulary and pronunciation. She lacks something that does not depend on language. To a lady, it is far more important to have acceptance of the environment…

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