Alexis Angel is a big fan of bulky, shredded alpha males and feisty, sexy young women - as are all of us. And she really loves writing bestselling books about them that top the charts like it's nothing. Python is her latest romantic novel in the Secret Baby Bad Boy series. Austin used to be a "pornography male performer", but now he's the owner of a fancy, fashionable club called Python, and no woman out there was ever able to domesticate or tame him.

Many have tried, but he's always managed to keep his own and keep his freedom. At the same time, he's a dashing, mesmerizing man with a manly face, a ripped bod, and tons of that charisma that drives all the ladies in the world crazy. Destiny, a beautiful, hot woman, also owns a strip club, but it's got female dancers and is focused on the male audience.

She's being blackmailed, and some dangerous folks want her to spy on Austin. He's instantly drawn to her independence, confidence, and swag and asks her to join him on a date. That's how their mind-blowing and breath-taking affair begins, and it involves tons of smutty sex scenes that will turn you on in a matter of seconds. Austin is hiding a huge secret from his newly-found love, and it has everything to do with the blackmailers.

The biggest question is - what's her agenda in this relationship and what will happen when they both discover their partners haven't been honest with each other? Who's the bad guy, who's the manipulator? Read the book and you'll find out! Alexis Angel delivers yet another riveting read for the fans. The plot is pretty intriguing and gripping - you won't ever guess what's really going down and how this story will end!

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