radiant-angel-by-nelson-demilleThe John Corey series has been marching on planet Earth like a goliath, topping all kinds of international sales charts and receiving more than positive reviews. Nelson DeMille created a whole movement with this franchise, and Radiant Angel is the latest - 7th - book in the series. Corey wants to take some "personal time" after his last clash with Panther - a fierce terrorist from Yemen - and so, he left the Anti-Terrorist Unit.

He's back in NY and joined the DSG. His new job is to work with a bunch of Russian diplomats at the United Nations. True, Corey is far away from the action, but he's actually quite happy to get away from the office life and to be free from the FBI's constant surveillance. At the same time, he soon realizes that the newly-born Russia poses a real threat to the United States. Petrov, a colonel in Russia's elite Intelligence Agency, presents himself as a diplomat at the UN.

And, when he disappears from a wealthy Russian man's party in Hampton, Corey instantly knows that something's not right. So, he does everything in his power to track the colonel down. However, he doesn't have a clue about what the Russians are planning and why. There could be a nuclear war on the horizon, but, unless Corey is 100% sure, he's not going to contact the Bureau.

The only thing left for him to do is find Petrov and put an end to whatever he's about to do. But can he outsmart the Russian agent, or will he fail this time, leaving America one-on-one with a devastating strike? Radiant Angel is a blood-chilling, thrilling and action-packed novel that's got all it takes to become the next bestseller. Nelson DeMille delivers a breath-taking new Cold War story that will have you jumping up and down in excitement!

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