It's a Universal rule: don't say anything unless you've got something nice to say. But, when it comes to managers, saying mean things is a big part of the job. Kim Scott, the author of this wonderful book, used to be an executive both at Apple and Google, and, during that time, she figured out the key to being a successful yet reasonable boss.

Furthermore, over the last couple of years, she became one of the leaders of effective management, thanks to her game-changing new approach. It's called Radical Candor, and if you're studying to become a manager, you better grab a copy of this book and start reading! It's pretty much the only guide you need to be kind, warm-hearted, honest, just and successful in your profession.

The idea behind this method is quite simple: in order for you to be an exceptional boss, you'll have to challenge your staff directly while caring about them on a personal level. True, it's not that easy to keep that balance, but, once you master it, you'll become one of the brightest heads in management. If you challenge your employees without caring, it's called aggression, and you won't win any "street credit" with that approach.

On the other hand, when you're all about caring and can't give folks a proper challenge, the empathy might just destroy your credibility. Besides, your employees will stop respecting you - that's just how it is. So, if you stick to this simple technique, you'll be able to build great relationships at work and be a flourishing leader. Praise, criticize, build a strong, cohesive team and achieve some fantastic result! Kim Scott’s brand-new bestseller is a must-have for any manager out there, as it can turn an average employer into a natural-born leader.

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