raging-heart-on-by-jordan-marieThe 21st century introduced the fans of erotic novels to a whole line-up of talented writers that bring a killer mix of heat, passion, love and sex with their stories. And Raging Heart On is exactly what you'd expect from a top-notch book by Jordan Marie, a bestselling author: it's engaging, funny, entertaining, and, obviously, naughty. Kayla, the main character of the story, has a dream, and she wants to make it come true.

The dream is to have a baby, but there's a big problem: she needs a man to make that happen, and she's pretty much the "singlest" woman on planet Earth. So, the only logical thing for her to do is to make a list of potential candidates for the job. However, she would never think that White, her best friend, will get his hands on the list and see that his name is on the #1 spot.

Now, this guy is a 100% alpha-male, and, even though they've been friends for eternity, Kayla knows that he wants to "offer his services". He's a football star and the kind of man that would never settle down and have a family. On the other hand, he claims that he's the only guy in the world who should help her make a baby and does everything in his power to prove that he's right. Kayla's first thought is to say "No" to him, but it's not really that easy to do, as he's practically the man of her dreams.

True, the idea of having a child with his best friend doesn't really sit well with White, but, at the same time, he simply can't let anybody else "do the honors", so, he agrees to have sex with her. Besides, she's as hot as they come, and he can't stay away from her. Raging Heart On is a brilliant erotic novel that will keep you warm on a cold winter night. A must-have for the fans of naughty stories!

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