This is the 7th novel in the ever-popular Anne of Green Gables franchise, even though it was the 5th book to be published worldwide. The lovely Lucy Montgomery, a gifted writer, created a never-fading masterpiece with this series, and Rainbow Valley is arguably the best book in it. The story follows Anne's family life with her husband and 6 cute kids and is centered on Mr. Meredith, her brand-new neighbor, a minister.

He's a widower and has a couple of children of his own (four, to be exact) and soon Anne grows quite fond of 'em. She's been married to Gil for 15 full years and together they're raising the babies, taking care of the house and enjoying the serene, peaceful life. Anne returns home after a short trip to England when she learns of Meredith's arrival.

Now, despite the fact that he's trying to be a good father, the kids have been struggling without a mom to take care of them and to teach them all those things that only a mother can teach. So, they're a bit wild and rebellious as opposed to all those nice and calm children in the village. Soon, the community starts to question whether the new minister is good enough to guide them to prosperity when he can't take care of his own family.

Anne of Green Gables series
1. Anne of Green Gables
2. Anne of Avonlea
3. Anne of the Island
4. Anne of Windy Poplars
5. Anne's House of Dreams
6. Anne of Ingleside
7. Rainbow Valley
8. Rilla of Ingleside
9. Chronicles of Avonlea
10. Further Chronicles of Avonlea

However, Gilbert and Anne know that these kids are kind and good-hearted. The situation escalates when Meredith's boy catches pneumonia and his girl passes out after standing still for a full day. The whole town blames their father for being an unreliable dad. Therefore, he tries to find a woman to marry that will be the new mom for his troublesome children. He didn't expect this to happen and wanted to honor his late wife by not tying the knot ever again, but, when he falls in love with Rosemary, everything changes.

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