ransom-river-by-meg-gardinerMeg Gardiner is a top dog when it comes to mystery thrillers - she's one of the best writers of our time. And, she always manages to deliver fascinating, gripping, suspenseful novels that linger on, and on, and on. Ransom River is probably her best book to date. It's a riveting crime novel that will suck you in from the very first pages.

Rory, the main character of this cold-blooded thriller, gave herself a promise once: she'll never go back to the town where she grew up - Ransom River. However, she does return in order to perform her civic duty. The investigation is working on a buzz-worthy murder case, and Rory is juror #7. Now, while pretty much the whole town is consumed by the trial and everything around it, when Rory comes back to her hometown, a series of long-forgotten memories come back rushing.

She spent most of her adult life trying to bury her childhood memories somewhere deep inside, but she can't ignore them any longer. Soon, she learns about an attack on the courthouse, and that's when she realizes that all these scary skeletons are bringing her closer to an ancient case that nobody could ever solve. If she reveals the real truth, that might very well destroy her career and her personal life, but does she really have a choice when justice is at stake?

Meg Gardiner did a marvelous job with Ransom River: it's got all the necessary "ingredients" of a brilliant mystery thriller, plus, it's fresh, exciting and riveting. The plot is superb and the writing is lively and crisp - a perfect combo! Regardless of whether you're a fan of Gardiner or not, you'll enjoy this book just the same!

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