raymie-nightingale-by-kate-dicamilloRaymie Nightingale is a moving, touching, charming story about a wonderful summer friendship. Kate DiCamillo is one of the most gifted writers of children's books, and her latest novel is truly unforgettable. Raymie, the main character of the story, suddenly realizes that only she can save this world. She has a plan that, once set in motion, will make everything right again. All she has to do is to win a competition - the winner will get his/her picture put in the paper. Why does Raymie want that, exactly?

Well, her dad left home two days ago, and she hopes that once he sees her picture, he'll immediately turn around and come back. However, in order to win, our hero will have to learn how to do a lot of things - some are easy, some are pretty hard. Furthermore, the girl needs to join forces with Elefante who's got some connects in show-business and the stubborn Tapinski whose one and only goal is to ruin the contest.

But, as the competition is about to start, the three little girls find friends in each other and decide to join forces and be nice instead of competing. Loneliness, pain, loss and something else bring them together, make them look at everything from a different angle. They all have a lot in common, and each girl handles her loss and grief in a different way.

Kate DiCamillo once again proves that she's a terrific author who knows how to talk to the kids and educate them on the most important things - love, forgiveness, friendship, and loyalty. The little girls will love the exciting adventures that the characters participate in, while the grown-ups will be amazed by Raymie's warmth and kindness, her strong, loving heart. The book is funny, entertaining and uplifting.

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