razor-girl-by-carl-hiaasenCarl Hiaasen, a brilliant author of several international #1 bestsellers, is back with yet another marvelous novel - Razor Girl. It's really funny, uplifting and inspirational. Plus, it's super-addictive and you won't be able to put it down! Lane, the main character of the book, gets hit from behind while driving her car. Now, this might seem like a regular accident on the road, but it's really not - far from it.

Why? Because the Razor Girl herself was driving that car that hit Lane and the orchestrated crash is just the beginning of a mighty line-up of crazy events that will fascinate the readers and leave them speechless. The most ridiculous characters are out to play, and there's nothing anybody can do to stop them. You’ve got Trebeaux, a person running a company that's doing the most unthinkable thing - they're "borrowing" sand from beach number one just to fix beach number two.

Next, you've got a mafia capo who's tired of everything and the only thing that makes him happy is tropical wear. Plus, there's an accordionist who thinks he's a big-time star of a non-existing show, a not-so-regular psycho, a big-city lawyer who's fighting a highly dangerous E.D. product only to get addicted to it, and others. So, what does the Razor Girl has to do with all those fascinating characters? Well, you'll just have to read the book and find out!

Carl Hiaasen's brand-new novel is hilarious, fresh, captivating and heart-warming. It's crazy, elegant, and comes with tons of amazing jokes that will make your day. This is a story about crooked cops, brutal criminals, the entertainment industry and so much more. It's definitely one of the funniest and smartest books of the year, so, if you love some quality (and hilarious) reading after a hard day at work, grab a copy of Razor Girl and enjoy!

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