ready-player-one-by-ernest-clineWade, the main character of Ready Player One, a brilliantly-written science-fiction novel by Ernest Cline, lives in 2044, where the real world is a horrifying place. And the only way for him and for everybody else to feel good and alive is to get connected to the virtual machine that makes everything alright. It's called OASIS, and people practically live in it - they go to school, meet people, make a living and, of course, play.

Wade dedicated his entire life to figuring out the digital puzzles hidden in this world. He's hoping to find the right answer that will change everything and get him the ultimate prize. The man who created these puzzles was the wealthiest man on the planet, and he left them behind as a part of his legacy. He put great power into these digital keys, and whoever manages to unlock their potential will have a significant force (and fortune) in his hands.

However, when Wade's about to make his first big breakthrough, he finds himself surrounded by people who want to kill him and grab that prize. The crazy race is officially on, and Wade will have to survive it and be victorious. That's his only real chance at facing and confronting the real world out there that he's always been afraid of and wanted to escape.

Ernest Cline created a unique, beautifully-crafted world that's both intriguing and highly addictive. The readers will definitely enjoy the action-packed, thrilling narrative and the unusual-but-awesome universe with the '80s pop culture right in the middle of it all. The book is funny, adventurous, and, of course, romantic, which makes it a must-have for the fans of fresh, exciting science fiction.

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