red-sparrow-by-jason-matthewsJason Matthews is one of the greatest writers of espionage thrillers in the 21st century, and pretty much every single book by him becomes an international bestseller. You can't put a Matthews novel down, simply because they're all super-addictive. Red Sparrow is the first book in the self-titled trilogy and follows Dominika, a Russian intelligence spy who's trapped by the iron fist of the post-USSR reality.

They made her a "Sparrow", a trained operative whose one and only goal is to seduce. She's got an assignment - to outrun Nate Nash, a first-grade officer of the CIA. The two A-grade officers, who are the best of the best in their respective countries, are forced to clash with each other, using their wits, years of training, deception and everything else in between to get the job done.

Obviously, none of them would expect to fall for the enemy, but that's exactly what happens. And their mutual attraction puts Nash, America's most valuable penetrator in Russia, under great risk. But Dominika decides to help him out, as she's sick and tired of the tyrants in her agency. She begins a double life and gets recruited by the US officials. They give her a highly dangerous mission that only an operative of her level of expertise is capable of completing.

There's a high-level traitor right in the heart of the American government, and Dominika needs to apprehend him. Red Sparrow is a fast-paced, action-charged political thriller that's truly impossible to put down. The story of Nate and Dominika is full of twists, turns, and ever-growing tension. If you love spy stories that keep you on your feet, grab a copy of Red Sparrow!

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