Redemption Road: A Novel

Redemption-Road-A-Novel-John-HartEverybody knows who Elizabeth Black is. She is not only a cop but the real hero. Elizabeth Black saved a young person from a locked cellar only by herself. In the process of resuming she even shot kidnappers – the two big and scariest guys. Elizabeth Black has the dark history. And she is not alone. Other people has secrets too...

Adrian Wall suffered no less than 13 years in prison. And finally, he is free of torture and violence, but not for long. Soon after his liberation he comes across one mad boy's path. This young man has a gun and wants to avenge his mother's killing. This boy is not the main problem of Mr. Wall at all. He even thinks that the prison was a much safer place for him.

This town is waiting to collapse in violence. Moreover, there is a trail of dead bodies everywhere. One of them is waiting to be found lying on the altar of a forgotten church. It is forest around this body. What secrets will be recovered? What mystery must be resolved?

It is a thriller in its best form. The Redemption Road by John Hart is filled with tension, betrayals, vivid scenes and memorable characters. There are a lot of unpredictable twists and turns under cover. So The Redemption Road is the absolutely must read not for John Hart's fans only. It is a great story for everyone. Enjoy this unforgettable thriller.

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