redneck-by-jordan-silverJordan Silver is kicking asses and taking names with Redneck, a brand-new erotic novel that will get the girls in just the right mood for Christmas. T-Bone, the main character of the story, doesn't really like to talk that much and usually keeps to himself. He spent the better half of his life off the grid, and his childhood was a little bit different than what folks are used to. Recently, his father passed away, leaving T-Bone all alone in this world.

So, he's thinking about getting out there, exploring the world and maybe even finding a nice lady to keep him company. Again, he's not educated on ethics and social customs, so, when he sees a nice curvy girl on campus, he simply wants to grab her and take her back to his house. He wants her to keep him warm at night and to bear a kid or two. What's wrong with that? Absolutely nothing! Well, at least that's what T-Bone thinks.

But what about the girl or her family and neighbors? Is there a chance for this "couple" to thrive, or maybe it's time for the weird fella to go back to where he came from? The man is smart, owns a pretty impressive property and has tons of money in his pockets, and, just like in the ancient times, he's looking for a female to stand by his side and to support him in any way she can.

Redneck is one of those controversial erotic novels that create international buzz and become instant bestsellers. There was even some talk about the author glorifying rape, but that's all nonsense. Redneck is just a bold, lively and no-BS kind of story that comes with an amazing main character, a gripping plot, a great sense of humor and, of course, that sweet, sweet romance that goes hand-in-hand with 18+ sexual scenes. If you're a fan of dark romance, add Jordan Silver to your list of favorite authors!

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