Reed's-Reckoning-By-Ahren-SandersArianna was confident that she found true, pure love until the guy she thought was her soulmate dumped her without even saying why. Obviously, that left her frustrated, humiliated and heartbroken, so she just tried not to go crazy and pick up what was left of the devastating blow from the "man of her dreams". It took her four years to get over it and become a successful young woman.

She's got a great career, wonderful friends and an adorable son now. Emotionally and morally she has moved on from the past, but, at the same time, the ugly wounds are still there - they never healed. Reed is a go-getter, a winner, and a player. He's got everything that other fellas dream of, and playin' ball on the field has always been his true passion.

He's one of the greatest ones to ever do it, and being the brightest man in the league gives him access to loads of money, fame, respect, and all the gorgeous ladies in the world. Yet, despite the fact that pretty much all of his childhood wishes have come true, he could never stop thinking and wondering about the one and only girl that stole his heart four years ago. He's trying to get her out of his head, but she's still got his soul preoccupied.

A chance meeting with the girl makes him understand that Ari has been hiding a huge secret from him and that nothing is or ever was how he imagined it. So now he's confident that they can be together again. Reed is exceptional on the field, but will he be able to protect the people that he loves and ensure a prosperous future for them? Reed's Reckoning comes with explicit sexual scenes, tons of that alpha-male slash gorgeous lady passion and graphic language - perfect for an evening read!

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