Sophie Kinsella's amazing sense of humor, exceptional writing skills, and all-conquering charm allowed her to become one of the most fan-favored writers of our time, and Remember Me is her brand-new novel about the ups and downs of a regular girl in the big city.  Lexi is 28, and when she comes to in a fancy hospital in the capital of the UK, a huge "surprise" hits her right in the head.

She's got a gorgeous body with a perfect smile and owns a fancy Vuitton bag. As it turns out, she was the victim of a car accident. And while she did survive, the poor soul did lose a big part of her memory - 3 full years - and now she'll have to figure out a way to adjust to this new reality and learn just how different her life is today.

The biggest question is - how did she switch from a nearly-broke 25-year-old lassie to a big-time "she-wolf" with an amazing apartment, a celebrity diet, an assistant, and a bunch of friends from the elite circles? And finally, she's got a handsome husband that is also a millionaire and an influential slash respected man in the city! Lexi's mind is still stuck in time and she's struggling with making sense of this luxurious life that she's been granted all of a sudden.

Yes, it does feel pretty awesome to be rich, but, as she'll soon learn, this affluent life comes with is a fair share of secrets, lies, skeletons in the closet and dangers. What really happened on that fateful day? Will the girl ever be able to remember the real truth? And what will become of her life when her past collides with her present? Remember Me? is quite an exciting and hilarious novel for the fans of humor, fun and twisty plots. Sophie Kinsella stays true to herself and continues to supply the fans with mesmerizing stories.

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