resentment-by-nako-robersonUrban romance is the next big thing in contemporary literature and it's getting more and more recognition. The critics are including it in all kinds of top-100 lists and the readers are turning them into international bestsellers. Resentment tells the story of Nasir, the most controversial and mysterious character from the Underworld series.

Jordyn, the main girl of the brand-new novel, dropped everything and ran after a man that she was convinced was the one for her. But, eventually, she lost it all. She never really thought about what she wanted and did everything to do whatever he desired. And now there's a wedge between them - a pretty mighty one. She used to be a young, inexperienced girl, but she's grown into an established lady who's trying to find the golden middle, the perfect balance between right and wrong.

The truth is - Jordyn still can't figure it all out. Nasir, the fella that controlled the Underworld, is a brutal, tough man, and he fell in love with her like never before. The woman is not quick to love him back, but she needs to make a decision, otherwise it will be too late. NAKO Roberson invites the readers into an emotional roller coaster, a journey towards finding the truth and true happiness.

And, given the fact that this is an urban romance, you can expect tons of style, grit, fancy and that swagga. The critics are calling Resentment a moving, heart-warming and thought-provoking story, one of the best books of the year - in any genre! So, that means that if you're a fan of addictive urban tales, this one's for you. If not, well, you can still enjoy the brilliant writing and enthralling plot.

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