LeBron James is one of the GOATs of balling, the greatest basketball player of our time and a warm-hearted, kind and humble man, a true inspiration for all those struggling kids out there who want to be just like him both on and off the court. This is the story of his epic comeback and monumental performance in Cleveland. The whole world was surprised when James left Miami to be a part of the Cavaliers.

How on Earth did the Cavs make that deal happen? Why did they fire Mr. Blatt when his team was leading the board? And when did the most amazing "I'm back, baby" in the history of the NBA begin? This amazing book is your ticket into the private lives of the greatest ballers, a sneak-peak into the locker rooms, the private mansions, and the constant bickering.

Back in 2016, the Cavs won the NBA title when even the most loyal fans lost hope. And James did everything humanly possible to make sure his new team got that ultimate prize. This book chronicles that epic day and comes with exclusive interviews with the top-notch players, the coaches, the agents and the big honchos. You've never heard these folks speak so freely and openly until Return of the King!

Windhorst and McMenamin did a brilliant job with giving the readers the complete picture of the controversies, the beef, and the strong bonds that make up the modern-day NBA. They've been there from day one, and now we all get to experience that awesome ride! If you're a big fan of the legendary King James and want to learn the real truth about his phenomenal performance with the Cavaliers, grab a copy and enjoy!

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