Return to the Isle of the Lost by Melissa de la Cruz

Return-to-the-Isle-of-the-Lost-A-Descendants-Novel-The-Descendants-by-Melissa-de-la-Cruz--You may say, that Mal is a true master at frightening her most dangerous foes. It is true at the regular time. Today Mal has shattered this tradition after she left her vile past behind. One day Mal received a threatening letter, which demands she return home. The similar message received free of her most precious friend. One of them is Carlos, The other is Evie. And the last one is Jay. They all must to return home.

Mal did not expect this turn of events. Of course, she is a girlfriend of King Ben. And she is very nice at school to almost everyone and almost every time. So, who can be responsible for all those messages? Mal and her friends thought that they can be sent to their parents. The vile enough to do something like that. The friends confirmed their theory after Evie uses her Magic Mirror.

To unfold the riddle the four friends must go back to the Isle. The infamous leader of it is gone. But this place had not become better since previous visit. Moreover, Isle became more dangerous, than it was before.

Mal, Carlos, Evie, and Jay must defeat this new kind of evil. Will their strength be enough? Try to find an answer in "Return to the Isle of the Lost" written by Melissa de la Cruz.

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