Riding-Wood-By-Abigail-GrahamAlexa, a sweet, innocent and honest girl, wandered into the property of a modern-day alpha-male. Yes, she's stuck right in the middle of the woods with a mountain man. And it feels great! The girl simply got lost in the scary woods and ended up on his doorstep. Lucas is pretty much the man of her dreams - he's a 6-feet giant with an unbelievable body, tons of charisma and a boyish-yet-manly smile that would drive every woman on planet Earth insane (in a good way).

It takes Alexa one look at his sweaty, bulky muscles while he's chopping wood and taking care of the property to start fantasizing about him using those mighty hands on her. His eyes are big, bright and see right through her, and that makes her want him even more. That's right - she wants him to take her downtown, to be her first man, but there's one problem.

He refuses to even touch her until he becomes his official wife. Well, given the fact that the two are stuck in a cabin with only wood to keep them warm, maybe he won't mind when she gets naked and lies right next to him. Lucas was confident that his "Do not disturb" sign and the fact that he's living in the middle of the woods would be more than enough to be left alone, but Alexa entered his property and started taking pics.

Good thing she's a curvy, delicious babe, otherwise, he might just yell at her and send her away. Now, the man does need a woman in his life, and a dreamy, gorgeous young gal is kinda like the perfect candidate. He wants to keep her warm in more than one way, and that means that her days as a sweet little girl are over. Riding Wood is a sexy, passionate, sticky and sizzling erotic novel for the ladies. Lucas will keep you warm on those cold, scary nights!

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